Google New Logo!

Google has changed a lot over the past 17 years—from the range of our products to the evolution of their look and feel. And today we’re changing things up once again:

So why are we doing this now? Once upon a time, Google was one destination that you reached from one device: a desktop PC. These days, people interact with Google products across many different platforms, apps and devices—sometimes all in a single day. You expect Google to help you whenever and wherever you need it, whether it’s on your mobile phone, TV, watch, the dashboard in your car, and yes, even a desktop!

Today we’re introducing a new logo and identity family that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens. As you’ll see, we’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser page, and updated them for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type and talk).

It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you. For example, new elements like a colorful Google mic help you identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Meanwhile, we’re bidding adieu to the little blue “g” icon and replacing it with a four-color “G” that matches the logo.

This isn’t the first time we’ve changed our look and it probably won’t be the last, but we think today’s update is a great reflection of all the ways Google works for you across Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and many others. We think we’ve taken the best of Google (simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly), and recast it not just for the Google of today, but for the Google of the future.

You’ll see the new design roll out across our products soon. Hope you enjoy it!

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Using the Google Adwords Report Editor

Running and analyzing reports is a great way to stay on top of how your ads are performing.To help you make the most of that data, you can use a simple yet powerful tool called the Report Editor.

Which AdWords campaign type is right for me?

Learn about the main types of AdWords campaigns and discover which campaign type is most suitable to help you reach your business goals.

Create a Call-Only Campaign - AdWords In Under Five Minutes

This video explores the benefits of Call-Only Campaigns, how to create your first Call-Only Campaign, and tips for setting it up!

Agoda 24/7 Customer Support

Listing of all Agoda Customer 24 x 7 Support Number!

Keep your booking reference number handy and within reach. You'll need it if you would like to contact our customer support.

  • International 44 20 3027 7900
  • Australia 61 2 8066 2868
  • Bahrain 973 1619 9297 
  • China 86 4006 302 838
  • France 33 1 57 32 44 44 
  • Germany 49 69 380789100
  • Hong Kong 852 3071 5005 
  • Hungary 36 1 778 9487
  • Indonesia 62 21 2188 9001 
  • Israel 972 2 372 1187
  • Italy 39 02 9148 3333 
  • Japan 81 3 5767 9333
  • Macau 853 6262 5205 
  • Malaysia 60 3 7724 9606
  • New Zealand 64 9915 1254 
  • Philippines 63 2 755 6553
  • Saudi Arabia 966 11 486 8366 
  • Singapore 65 6622 1500
  • South Korea 82 2 3483 7400 
  • Spain 34 91 275 7777
  • Taiwan 886 2 2650 7819 
  • Thailand 66 2625 9106
  • United Arab Emirates 971 4319 7490 
  • United Kingdom 44 20 3027 7900
  • United States 1 212 444 0600

Google I/O 2015 in 10 minutes

Watch the highlights of the Google I/O 2015 Keynote. introduction of Android M, as well as a commitment to unlimited photo and video storage headlined the two-and-a-half hour event.

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Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker

The Japanese company’s latest offering combines a light bulb and a Bluetooth speaker, which it dubs “LED Light Bulb Speaker”.

Just wondering how much will it cost?

What is That Extra Shoelace Hole Is For?

After all these years of tying a shoe, it's funny how we never knew about the extra holes...

Godaddy Support Number Malaysia

24/7 Support Kuala Lumpur: 03-6207 4694 

24/7 Support Countrywide: 015-4815 1116

- -
Godaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, with 13+ million customers, more than 4,500 employees, providing 24/7/365 customer support 59 million domains and hosting













Sitegiant UniCart On-Page SEO Tips

Why SiteGiant eCommerce?

SiteGiant UniCart ALL-In-One eCommerce solution provides you with everything you need for a successful online store :

  • eCommerce Websites, Mobile Store and Facebook Store
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How to fully make use of the SiteGiant eCommerce to rank GOOD in Google?

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It is time now to make your website mobile friendly!

Is your website mobile friendly yet for all devices?

I believe Google is started to send out email to webmaster to ask fix mobile usability issues found on your website like this one:
According to Google, without making your website mobile friendly, your website will not be label as mobile-friendly (as left) by Google Search for smartphone users. So, those smartphone users might miss the chances to visit your page since yours is not mobile-friendly.

However, Google did provide Web Fundamentals guide to fix the problematic pages and also provide information about mobile-friendly design.

- -

If you facing the same problems and need helps to fix your website mobile usability issues found by Google, you can contact Nuweb Sdn Bhd which provide 1 to 1 Mobile Web Solutions company with more than 10 ++ years serving Web Design and SEO industry Malaysia!

Call+603-8061 6877 to schedule meeting!

小米空氣淨化器 Xiaomi - Air Purifier

"小米空氣淨化器(Xiaomi - Air Purifier)將於 12 月 16 日在大陸開售,價錢為人民幣 899 元。大家也知道大陸的空氣是怎樣,這個新產品可謂十分符合國情,相信會是小米另一個頗受歡迎的產品。小米空氣淨化器就是將室內空氣過濾和淨化。小米標榜這是「高性能智能空氣淨化器」,空氣淨化能力有 406m³ /h,淨化面積可達 28.4-48.7㎡。"

淨化器主要分為兩部分,濾網與風循環。濾網有三層,標榜由灰塵到甲醛、苯、氨、細菌螨蟲等有害物質和異味都能過濾。風循環就能促使室內空氣大流動,比傳統淨化器只能部分循環更好。用戶可以透過手機 app 來控制,包括遙距操作。

Better Web Hosting Solutions

Hello, every one! How long have your website started online? Just started few months, 1 year ++ or more than 10 years?

Are you still happy with your current hosting provider? and what do you concern most? Space? Bandwidth? Price or Support? I think most of the people now are most concern about support!

  • Do you prefer some one that can't reach over the phone?
  • Can't find the phone number on their website even after clicking so many pages? (I think they hide it for a purpose)
  • Do you want some one that only "reply" back to you after 4 hours? (who can accept this?)
  • And you have tell the same version of story over and over again (Do they really understand english?)
  • they going to help you solve the problem?
  • Or you have to tell them what to do?
  • Server being hacked, being spam with malware...etc.....who should be responsible for this?
  • You old files missing in action (hosted for more than 5 years but no backup?)

"Maybe a lot of you also facing some of the situations too, even you paid for premium price and stay with big boy (maybe too many supports to handle)......have you found any better alternative yet?"

Let me introduce ServerFreak! They are really provide very fast support and very reliable service yet offering very affordable hosting from RM100 per year!...moreover, they can help you do the FOC migration to solve your long long nightmare with big boy!

No regret, ServerFreak is really worth trying! 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

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Inbox by Gmail

Google today announced a new take on email, dubbed Inbox. The free app/service includes reminders, bundles similar messages together and highlights important messages. Inbox looks like a cross between Mailbox and Google Now.

Bundles are a new feature within Inbox that expand upon categories by grouping emails into specific groups. For example, all purchase receipts and financial statements are grouped together so they can be easily found and navigated. Inbox can also group emails based on ways you specify.

Highlights is a feature that grabs the relevant information from emails and presents it in an easily readable manner. Google claims Inbox will even add additional information not explicitly stated in emails like package tracking status or flight times.

A Guide to Sibu's Most Favourite Food

A Guide to Sibu's Most Favourite Food is now available to read online!

Find out more about sibu, please visit:

Moto 360

moto 360 @ $249.99

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