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Hello, every one! How long have your website started online? Just started few months, 1 year ++ or more than 10 years?

Are you still happy with your current hosting provider? and what do you concern most? Space? Bandwidth? Price or Support? I think most of the people now are most concern about support!

  • Do you prefer some one that can't reach over the phone?
  • Can't find the phone number on their website even after clicking so many pages? (I think they hide it for a purpose)
  • Do you want some one that only "reply" back to you after 4 hours? (who can accept this?)
  • And you have tell the same version of story over and over again (Do they really understand english?)
  • they going to help you solve the problem?
  • Or you have to tell them what to do?
  • Server being hacked, being spam with malware...etc.....who should be responsible for this?
  • You old files missing in action (hosted for more than 5 years but no backup?)

"Maybe a lot of you also facing some of the situations too, even you paid for premium price and stay with big boy (maybe too many supports to handle)......have you found any better alternative yet?"

Let me introduce ServerFreak! They are really provide very fast support and very reliable service yet offering very affordable hosting from RM100 per year!...moreover, they can help you do the FOC migration to solve your long long nightmare with big boy!

No regret, ServerFreak is really worth trying! 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

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