How to create a photo sphere

Photo Sphere is an Android camera feature that allows you to create immersive 360 degree panoramas - similar to Street View. This video shows how to take a series of photos and automatically turn them into a seamless 360 degree panorama. You can easily share your photo sphere with Google Maps. Learn more at

Creating photo spheres with an Android device
  1. From Camera's main screen, touch the current mode icon and then the Photo Sphere icon .
  2. Hold your device vertically and close to your face level close to your body but positioned where you can both comfortably see the display and also tilt the phone to capture a full sphere.
  3. To capture the scene, adjust the camera angle so the blue dot is centered inside the doughnut. Hold the camera steady until a single frame of the scene and stop button appears .
  4. Stand in the same place, rotating your camera slowly following the dots throughout the entire area you want to capture. You don't have to hit all of the dots but the more you hit, the more accurate and detailed your photo sphere will be.
  5. To create a full photo sphere, you'll need to complete a few rotations (typically 5) tilting your camera up or down to capture all areas..
  6. At any time while creating a photo sphere, you may click the undo button to retry the previous shot. This is useful if someone walks into part of your scene.
  7. To begin creating the photo sphere from the photos you just captured, touch the stop button at the bottom of the screen. It may take a minute or so to complete.
  8. To view your most recent photo sphere, swipe left on the main camera screen, and touch the Photo Sphere icon to pan automatically through the shot. You can also drag to move through the captured scene.
Tips for creating great photo spheres with your Android device
With just a bit of practice, you can create amazing 360 degree photo spheres.
  • Hold the phone vertically, not sideways. This will minimize or eliminate any missing areas at the top and bottom.
  • Hold the phone at face level close to your body (but still positioned where you can both comfortably see the display and also tilt the phone to capture a full sphere).
  • There are two different ways to approach creating a photo sphere. Choose whichever feels more natural to you.
A) Slowly rotate around keeping your phone as close to your body as possible while still being able to see the screen.
  • Capture photos around the horizon first
  • Then, slightly tilt the phone up or down, keeping your phone roughly in the same location
  • Repeat the above process to capture several rows of photos (most devices will require five rows for a full sphere)
B) Use either a real or an imaginary tripod.
  • If you’re using an imaginary tripod, rotate or tilt the phone while you move around it, rather than you rotating the phone around you.
  • Using a real tripod is not essential, but can be especially helpful when indoors, in darker environments, or when capturing imagery that includes objects less than 30 feet away.

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