Why my competitors listed on Google.com.my Top 10 Ranking?

It is very common for us to search for any information on Google to find certain products, to search for locations, to compare price, to search for best deals, to search for good place to eat...etc. So, no doubt Google is super important for any business in this world.

Sometimes, you might try to search for the products or services you provide on Google. Do you ever ask yourself why your website is not listed at Google first few pages? And some more your website is up and running for many years already....and you get mad when you found out that a few small flies website appear on Google top 10 ranking before you.

Well, it could be a few reasons for this. Few years back, most of the people don't really care about search engine optimization (SEO). They just want fancy and sexy website with heavy high-tech flash animation. And they never border to keep their website updates as well. More over, they might just useful graphic website from turning their company brochure into direct website.

Search engine like Google, can't read flash contents and they can't read the graphic content like human did either. So, you have to cater for search engine to read your website as well. Nowadays, we need keep your website seo friendly, mobile friendly, and tablet friendly as well. And to make sure, your boss can view his website over his iPhone and iPad as well. These are few factor why you website is not get listed well over Google.

People using Google to search for information, so we need to get people to find you over Google. So, to listed well over Google first page a.k.a top 10 ranking you need to do "something" over your website by getting some help from Ericanfly, PREMIUM SEO provider Malaysia which offer SEO PREMIUM for PREMIUM Clients only which limited to max 5 new clients per month.

The main purpose for SEO is help to "boost your traffic, to increase sales, as well as to build your branding!". It also give you the highest return of ROI of any internet marketing. It will keep helping to generate phone calls and email enquiry.

So, it is NOW for you to start to seo your website before your others. No more "why my competitors?"

Beside SEO, depend on the business nature, Google AdWords is also a good alternative for short term and instant advertising. Facebook marketing is also a very good tools for you to keep in touch directly with you customers.

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Written by Eric Lau | SEO Consultant Malaysia on 16 September 2012 @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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